Our Director

Director Dave CampellThe Harmony Kings are fortunate to have a very patient and talented director who enjoys the challenges and rewards of directing and coaching. Dave Campbell has been singing with the Seaforth Harmony Kings chorus since its inception in 1983.

Dave grew up in the Seaforth area. He works as a supervisor with the Huron County Emergency Medical Service. Dave also works part time at Box Furniture and Floor Coverings. 

Dave has sung with seven registered quartets over the years and has won the Ontario District quartet championship four times. He is currently singing with a very familiar group of faces in Ontario District in a quartet called Rubicon. This same foursome was previously known as The Fixx.  Dave has also competed in a number of International competitions with other choruses and has won five International Silver Medals with the Toronto Northern Lights chorus.

Dave is also a co-director of the Middlesex Centre chorus known as Forest City Fire. Recently, Dave has begun directing a new ly formed mixed chorus , Undercover Mix, out of Woodstock.

Dave is an award winning coach and a lot of his spare time is spent travelling the roads coaching other choruses and quartets in the provinceand in Michigan.